Thawte Code Signing
Thanks to Code Signing from Thawte, your customers are ensured they can download your code and content safely. Through Code Signing, the code’s source is authenticated and the integrity of content provided online is ensured.
Scope of Services
  • Digital Signing for Sun Java®
  • Digital Signing for Adobe® Air®
  • Digital Signing for Apple Mac®
  • Digital signing for Microsoft Authenticode® (files in 32- and 64-bit user mode (.exe-, .cab-, .dll-, .ocx-, .msi-, .xpi-, and .xap files; code for Microsoft® Office 2000, Microsoft VBA, Netscape Object Signing and Marimba Channel Signing; now supports Silverlight® 4 applications)
  • Digital signing for Microsoft VBA
  • Period of validity can be reigstered for 1 to max. 2 years
  • 30 day, full money back guarantee (from issue date)
  • Free reissue of the certificate for the entire period of validity (e.g. when the private key is lost)
Prices for Thawte Code Signing
Validity Period:1 Jahr2 Jahre
Price for Period of Validity:$174.90$306.08
Savings in Period of Validity:$43.72
P L A T I N U M   P A R T N E R