GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center (GESC)
Ein neuer Weg, SSL Zertifikate auszustellen und zu verwalten
The new GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center (GESC) solves a series of obvious as well as subtle problems and answers questions about correct handling of SSL certificates that may occur in IT departments of medium-sized enterprises with more than 10 SSL certificates.

SSL certificates are the hidden enabler of Internet. They encrypt and authenticate online dealing and communication. However, through the application of secure SSL the IT managers meet some challenges including:

  • Unexpected period of validity termination of a certificate

    The more SSL certificates you administer, the bigger is the risk of unnoticed SSL certificates' expiration. The economic consequences of a certificate that has not been extended in time can be fatal: The visitors of your web page will at best receive an unaesthetic security warning. The turnover losses that might result from it are even worse.
    Even if you ask your SSL-provider to carry out a rush order at about 12, you are distracted from your more important tasks by the stress and fear of failure that are connected with it.
    Enterprises must find a way to administer their business critical SSL certificates at a place that always provides information about the upcoming extentions and makes them possible without much paperwork.

  • Time-consuming paperwork

    Even if you already administer your SSL certificates centrally (for instance through CertCenter interface), the timely extention of every certificate before the expiration date can be a very time-consuming process. The validation process on organization validation certificates or extended validation certificates that is previous to the issuance of every certificate can be tremendous. IT managers with a bigger certificate requirement need a system to optimize the buying settlement, extention and validation process - to rationalize:
    Each of your domains gets a one-time pre-validation through GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center (GESC) - Every subsequent order or extention is carried out on demand in real time (auto-issuance).

  • Unnecessary costs

    As most of the similar systems providers need prepayment, they risk as enterprises to pay for the certificates they do not need later anyway. In addition, the usually alternative Pay-As-You-Go-Model prevents the profit from price reduction. This problem is multiplied when certificates are required only for a short period of time later - e.g., for an internal test environment or if something unpredictable happens.
    Traditional certificate management systems are not optimized for these situations and the certificate pooling model does not provide the necessary flexibility to issue certificates quickly enough not to abandon the following orders.


Business and Security benefits

GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center (GESC) offers many advantages compared to conventional approaches.

Characteristic Security benefits Business benefits
(Subscription model)
  • Obtain the certificates whenever you require them
  • Choose easily from organization validation or extended validation for additional security
  • Predictable pricing. The subscription complies with your budget.
  • Cost reduction through the choice of a conservative pricing tier based on current state and of an attractive volume-discount.
Online Portal
  • Reduce the costs and risks of an unexpected expiration of a certificate. Receive the expiration warnings through GESC-console
  • Detailed reporting functions including export to Excel, PDF and HTML to simplify the management
Rationalized Management
  • Issue the SSL certificates yourself and reduce the risk and time pressure of paperwork
  • Easily generate certificates for test environments that simplify the testing and QM
  • Monitored validation process corresponds to the newest dispositions of CA/Browser forum
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Decreases internal paperwork (releases, orders, validation processes)
  • More time for valuable work (e.g., new projects)
Flexible, cost-effective pricing
  • Due to one-time validation of an enterprise and reduced costs there are less obstacles to apply Extended Validation (EV) on one broad tier
  • Complete MPKI with comparable prices as by regular EV orders on the basis of individual certificate


Certificate Lifecycle Management

GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center (GESC) supports you at every step in the entire cycle of a certificat's validity.

GESC Lifecycle

Lifecycle-pace Advantages
  • Simplify the planning by means of Abo-model, through which you can add further SSL certificates as soon as you require them - on predictable and affordable conditions and without effort or delay.
  • Reduce the costs by means of acquisition of a competitive annual subscription instead of ordering multiple individual certificates.
  • Validate your enterprise once and issue all the future certificates in a few minutes' time through one-time pre-validation without any paperwork.
  • Receive complete control over GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center reporting function, which is easy to operate, and create detailed reports for Excel as PDF or HTML data for later evaluation.
  • With GESC you receive warning messages and the possibility to issue, extend or reissue the certificate during up to 90 days after the certificate's expiration.


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