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AJAX & PHP5-Based SSL-Wizard

Der CertCenter SSL-Wizard basiert auf AJAX/PHP5 und gibt Partnern die Möglichkeit, den Vertrieb von SSL-Zertifikaten in kürzestet Zeit über das eigene Internet-Angebot zu starten.

After approval as a partner, you will be granted access to the site on which to download the SSL-Wizard software. The Wizard consists of a directory with a few .js and .php scripts that must be copied onto the partner's server. The Wizard can then be integrated into any desired website on the partner's server with a few lines of copied HTML source text. Position and design can be adjusted individually via CSS. The customization can be carried so far that the Wizard is seamlessly integrated into the partner's product line.

CertCenter remains completely in the background, never visible to the reseller's customer.

If you're interested in a partnership,
please contact our team.