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GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Pro

GlobalSign PersonalSign2 Pro certificates are for employees of a company. The individual name, company name and e-mail address are validated and listed in the certificate. (e.g. first name surname, CertCenter AG, [email protected])

A PersonalSign Digital Certificate is a Digital ID issued to an entity (i.e. individual or a department) that helps to prove that entity’s identity. The Digital ID binds an individual’s verified identity (typically including the name, company name, and email address of the Digital ID owner) to a unique cryptographic credential. PersonalSign Certificates identify, prove and contain different levels of information which are defined as classes.

Each class represents the level of identity verification from simple email verification to full identity assurance. PersonalSign Certificates allow individuals and organizations to represent their digital identities through the use of digital signatures in many applications, from secure email to two factor authentication, and document signing.

Secure Email - Digitally Sign & Encrypt Emails

GlobalSign PersonalSign Certificates use S/MIME technology to allow users to digitally sign and encrypt email.

Digitally signing an email proves authorship and prevents tampering, assuring the email recipient that the email came from you, not an imposter, and that the content of the email has not been altered in transit.

Encrypting email ensures message privacy and keeps sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Secure Email is achieved using GlobalSign's Digital Certificate solution called PersonalSign. PersonalSign Certificates are cryptographic signing certificates that bind your verified, physical identity to the certificate so recipients of email messages can verify that the email actually came from you.

Digitally Signed Email:
Proves authorship & prevents tampering
Encrypted Email:
Ensures message privacy
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Price for Period of Validity:$75.40 $143.26 $211.12
Price Per Year:$75.40 $71.63 $70.37
Savings in Period of Validity: $7.54 $15.08
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