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DigiCert Wildcard SSL
Features & Attributes
Browser and Device Compability
Why choose DigiCert?
CertCenter provides only the best products for its customers from the most trusted Certificate Authorities. That’s why we offer DigiCert certificates and their amazing tools to help you manage your certificates better. And, as a Platinum Partner of DigiCert, we understand their business and we trust them to support our customers.
Price Overview
Validity Period:1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years
Price for Period of Validity:$554.60 $1,053.74 $1,552.88 $2,052.02 $2,551.16 $3,050.30
Price Per Year:$554.60 $526.87 $517.63 $513.00 $510.23 $508.38
Savings in Period of Validity: $55.46 $110.92 $166.38 $221.84 $277.30
Glossary for Product Features
1) All offers and charges are for commercial enterprises only and are subject to statutory VAT.